Child Study Team

Nellie Aponte
Child Study Team Chair Person

Allison Bell
Speech Therapist

Jackie Rendfrey
Speech Therapist

Melody Respes
Child Study Team Secretary

Kristy Scioli
School Psychologist

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A Special Education Parent Advisory Group (SEPAG ) is a state-mandated, district-level, parent-driven group charged with providing input to the local school district on system-level challenges in special education and related services.

5 tips for strong collaboration

  1. Develop and use ground rules that can help all partners in a collaboration know what to expect and develop trust.
  2. Agree to listen carefully and without judgement.
  3. Work to establish mutual trust and accountability.
  4. Try to see things from diverse perspectives.
  5. Collaborate and create a climate of mutual respect.

Who can be a member?

Parents are the core members of a SEPAG. This includes parents of children with disabilities who may have Individualized Education Program (IEP) who are educated in schools within or outside of the student’s home district.

Parents do not need special training or background knowledge to be a member of SEPAG.

Your participation in our regularly scheduled meetings will provide you a unique opportunity to meet school officials and other parents, stay informed on policy and legislative changes, ask questions, discuss issues, and learn something new. Your input into potential speaker topics and other SSPAC initiatives of particular interest is welcomed.