Working Papers

Special Permits for Agriculture, Newspaper Carriers, or
Theatrical Employment-Please contact the District Office.

Depending on the age of the minor and whether the minor will be working in agriculture, newspaper carriers, or theatrical employment, the minor may need to obtain a special permit (A310 Combined Certification Form for Agriculture, Newspaper Carrier, Street Trades or Theatrical Employment). The minor must obtain this permit from the Issuing Officer of the local school district where the minor resides. If the minor is not a New Jersey resident, the A310 special permit can be obtained from the district in which the minor has obtained a promise of employment.

219 KBWorking papers A300

•Agriculture (minimum age – 12 years old)
12 thru 15 years old – Special Agriculture Permit

•Newspaper Carriers (minimum age – 11 years old)
11 thru 15 years old – Special Newspaper Carrier Permit
16 & 17 years old – Employment Certificate

•Theatrical (minimum age – None)
Under 16 years old – Special Theatrical Permit
16 & 17 years old – Employment Certificate