School Safety Team

School District Safety Planning Committee

In order to ensure effective collaboration and coordination, with regard to all levels of planning and implementation of this Safety and Security Plan,
the District has established a Safety Planning Committee. This Committee will include the following:

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Andrew Weber

Donna Lesher
Elementary School Principal

Maris Lynn
Middle School Principal

William Maher
Professional School Counselor
Anti-Bullying Specialist

Kristina Scioli
School Psychologist

Mallory Zolinas

Jackie Lugg

Brandy Ehrke

Barbara Rheault

Rich Giovinazzi
Supervisor of Custodial/Maintenance

Brian Zeck
Chief of Mullica Police Department

George (Chuck) Brining
Elwood Fire Department

Anthony Tomasco
Elwood Fire Department

Scott Sarraiocco
Supervisor of Curriculum & Data