The company says “very few” Xfinity customers would have to pay extra for exceeding the proposed cap of 1.2TB per month. But it’s putting off the limit for now.

Comcast is delaying its 1.2TB data cap for Xfinity broadband customers in the northeast US until at least 2022, the company said in a blog post Thursday. Comcast stressed in the post that “only a very small percentage of customers” need more data than that, but the company wants to give people more time “to become familiar with the new plan.”

As millions of people transitioned to remote work and school at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic last year, several broadband providers in the US suspended data caps that would’ve charged customers overage fees for exceeding a set amount of data per month. In November, Comcast said it would move forward with its data caps, and that it was increasing prices for some services as well.

Source: Cnet News