Mullica Township Board of Education

Board of Education Meetings are usually held on the last Wednesday of the month in the school library at 6:30pm for executive session and 7:00pm for public agenda. The public is encouraged to attend.

On behalf of the Mullica Township Board of Education welcome to the Mullica Township School Website. We are proud of our students, our school and our community. What makes Mullica Township stand out as an effective learning environment is the many people who support our schools. We have dedicated residents who serve without compensation on our Board of Education. Mullica’s parents are responsible for the current superior state of our schools by teaching their children to respect learning, by volunteering and by working with teachers, administrators and the Board.

Mullica’s teachers bring experience, passion, caring, and professionalism to challenge our children to want to learn. Our schools’ administrators work to provide the necessary conditions for our children to succeed. The work of the support staff makes everything else happen so that our schools run efficiently. Finally, it goes without saying that all of Mullica’s taxpayers are responsible for supporting our excellent schools. We are ever mindful of, and appreciate, the financial sacrifices you make to support the schools. You have every right to be proud of your contribution to a fine school system.

Thank you all!